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Why do people pay on Udumi when there are plenty of free tutorials on YouTube?

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People pay on Udumi even though there are plenty of free tutorials on YouTube, because, most video’s on youtube are shortened, to long, parts missing, time lapse, and whatever the person is looking for may not be on youtube, with Udumi or any website that teaches online is more personalized for you, they have one on one teaching suited to your needs, more explanation of the subject, it’s more like taking any online course, you learn more, and better..

I hope that helped..

Allison Prior is a youtube creator of Acrylic painting and drawing lessons on youtube since 2008..

What Are The best Platforms To Drive Traffic To Your YouTube Channel From?

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The best platforms to drive traffic to your youtube video are Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, your own website or blog, Facebook groups, Vimeo make a group of your own, you still have to have great content for people to want to watch and stay on your channel.. 

Do some research, you can even check youtube for answers, it takes a lot of work, and time, you really have to enjoy what you do..

Allison Prior

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The best way I found to get views quickly on Youtube video’s, is to have amazing content, some of my Acrylic Painting videos are slow getting views because my video didn’t get enough interest, or there was a lot of competition, but some of my videos get a couple of thousand in the first couple of weeks, I know it’s not as much as some, but I’m hopeful, don’t give up, it’s to much fun, anyway, I found that if you have a video that has a great title that sparks interest, Like, “You won’t believe what Gesso can do for your Canvas”, that sparks interest and they are wondering what Gesso does for your canvas, but you have to have great content to keep them there when they go in to watch your video, make sure you make it worth their while to watch and learn something new, also you do have to do a lot of research on the subject yourself before you do your new video..

I hope that helps.

Allison Prior

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The best way to support your new youtube channel, is the upload a video that is very interesting, once a week, share it with as many people as you can, family, friends, facebook instagram, twitter, answer all comments you get, the more video’s you have up on your youtube channel the faster it will grow, learn how to make great thumbnails, watch video’s of how to grow your new channel on youtube, learn how youtube works, most of all concentrate on making great video’s..

I hope that helps..

Allison Prior


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