How to Make Magic White for Acrylic Paint for easy blending. using the wet on wet technique like Bob Ross..

The hardest part of Painting with Acrylic paint is short drying time and blending, now I have come up with a solution.

Just like Bob Ross we will make Magic White or Liquid White for the wet on wet painting technique, and to make painting with Acrylics easy.

This will change the way you paint with Acrylics forever, you will now have the freedom to paint for up to 1 hour, perfect for blending, Shading, and highlighting your colors for a beautiful and amazing painting.

Acrylics don't yellow, but oils do over time...

How it works:

Magic White is a base coat made by Bill Alexander, Bob Ross's Teacher, then when Bob Ross starting painting on PBS, he painted the wet on wet technique he learned using the Magic white, but he called it Liquid White..

The Magic White is a mixture of White oil Paint and Linseed oil, and Thinner basically, but Bill Alexander had his own secret ingredients, and it was never made for Acrylic paint, you put the magic white on your canvas as a base coat to make it sleek, slick, smooth and slippery, and the paints blend beautifully, your paints when applied will lighten in color and give different values to your colors without you having to even think about it.

Now I have come up with a Magic White recipe for Acrylic paints:

Here is the recipe for Magic White for Acrylic painting.

All you need are 3 ingredients:

1. Titanium White Acrylic Paint, or Gesso or White Acrylic Paint

2. Slow Drying Blending Gel Medium, looks like white paint.

3. Blending Gel Liquid, looks clear..

Mix all 3 ingredients together of equal amounts, you may want to experiment with the  mixtures, I prefer an equal amount of White Paint, Slow Drying Blending Medium, and the Blending Gel Liquid Clear.

Other Mixes could be 20% of the blending gels to the white paint, Drying time will be shorter.

Using Gesso instead of White paint, with one Blending Gel, May be a little to thick or harder to blend.

Using Titanium White with both Blending Gels or one gel.

Try different mixtures until you come up with the perfect blend for you, and the length of time you want for blending, plus the amount of white you want for the base coat, the more white the lighter your paints will be when applied over the Magic White..

Take a flat Brush and apply a thin coat to cover your canvas, this is your base coat you will use for painting..It' like having an under painting but it stays wet longer and brightens up your colors for a more vibrant painting..

Now you have up to an hour or more to work with your acrylic paints for blending, and when you start applying your colors you will notice how smooth and easy they are to apply.

When you get your perfect blend make about 4 oz or more and bottle it for future paintings..

You can watch my video to see how it works and how beautiful your paintings will turn out here:

This is going to change the way you paint with acrylics forever..

For Art Supplies i use or recommend for Mixing Magic White.

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Happy Painting !!


Anonymous said…
I am so excited to try this!!! Thank you so much for info girl
Unknown said…
Thanks, for this article. I've been wanting to utilize Ross's wet-in-wet technique, but in acrylics!
Unknown said…
What about magic black? Is that possible? Thank you so !such for sharing your expertise with everyone!!!!!
Allison Prior said…
Yes, you can make magic black by adding black paint instead of white, add any color you, yellow, green, red..etc..instead of white..or plus the white..

I hope that helps...

Happy Painting!!

Allison Prior
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for the info on Magic White, and black. I have been watching Bob Ross recently and wondered if there was a similar concoction for acrylics. I would love to try this, particularly for skies and reflections. The gels will be my next purchase and then I can get started.
Allison Prior said…
YOu are very welcome, if you shop at Amazon, I have the gels and mediums there that I use..

Happy Shopping!!
Unknown said…
I have just equipped myself with the necessary bits and peices in order to mimic with acrylics the Bob Ross way of painting. Your advice on the three components for the canvas was helpful, but could you tell me how to deal with the actual paint to be applied to form the painting, eg does this have to include a retarder in order to keep it flexible.
Allison Prior said…
Thank you for asking, when you make your magic white for acrylics you don't need to add any retarder to your paint..
I hope that helps...
Christina said…
Thank you so much for this! For the Slow Drying Blending Gel Medium and the Blending Gel Liquid, would any of the following 3 work?
Liquitex Slow-Dri Gel
Liquitex Fluids Slow-Dri Medium
Liquitex Slow-Dri Fluid Additive
I was thinking I would use the Gel with either the Medium or the Additive. The Medium increases transparency. The Additive does not affect opacity. Would you recommend one option over the other? Thanks!
Allison Prior said…
Thank you Christina for watching my video, all 3 will work, I would use the additive, but try to experiment with all 3 to see what works best for you, sometimes you may want some transparency..

You can go to my Amazon shop to buy the gels and mediiums you need, these are the ones I use..


Allison Prior

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