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How do you find your own painting Style?

How do you find your own  painting style? Allison Prior , Art Instructor, Youtube Creator, Freelance artist (2000-present) Answered just now That is a question even I have to ask myself, how did I find my style of painting, or do I even have one, I love to paint everything, my favorite painting medium is Acrylic, I started painting with Bob Ross Video’s because I loved his style, and I watched other artists video’s that had that similar style also, so I guess I picked up his style in my paintings, I love realism, I don’t like abstract, when I see a landscape, seascape, portrait, I want to paint them as realistic as I can, I use the same colors and brushes, that helps create your style also, if you look at different famous artists, you can tell they have their own style of painting, like Leonardo Da Vinci, you know his paintings when you see them, Claude Monet has his own style, you will find they use the same techniques, colors and b