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5 ways to apply GESSO to your Acrylic Painting Canvas

If you are wondering how to apply your Gesso to your Canvas, or if you want to reuse an old painted canvas, this video will show you how, and the different tools you can use to apply your Gesso.. Applying Gesso can be messy, but with the correct tools you can cover your canvas quickly and smoothly. In this video I will be covering up an old painting on canvas, you will will learn how Gesso works, how to apply it and how many coats you need... This is very informative if you are just learning about Gesso. Also Gesso is great for Cardboard, wood, glass, metal, and anything you want to paint on, it's like a primer to give that protection to your surface or a barrier so your paint won't sink into the surface, or to add a painting surface to paint on such as glass, you can also use Gesso in place of White paint.