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6 strategies for Making Money with your Art

Are you Struggling to make a living with your Art, here are only a few Strategies to help you get started, the more you do the following the better chance you will make a living doing what you love the most.. 6 Strategies for Making Money with your ARt Tip 1.  Join as Many groups on Facebook about art, for eg: "art for sale", "promote your art" you can search for groups don't have to be the exact name, they will come up on facebook.. Tip 2: Sell your art at Art Fairs, Crafts fairs, online, such as "Etsy",  search the web for best places to sell art, there are lots, I will send more more links soon. Tips 3: Have a website or Blog and share your link on social media, like Facebook, instagram, Pinterest; Tips 4:  Put your art on Tee Shirts, I use Tee Public, I sold 5 shirts so far, commission is low, but I enjoy selling, Tee Spring is another one but I didn't sell many there. You art will also go on their mugs, posters, etc. Tip