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Saturdays Tips on what Mediums and Supplies to buy for Acrylic Painting,...

It hard to know what to buy when it comes to mediums, paints and brushes when your a beginning artist, my tips will help you understand what are the best mediums to buy and the best brands, paint, and paint colors and brushes, watch all my Saturdays tips and tricks to help you choose better, save money and get lots of information on best supplies for your painting needs..

My Top 10 Favorite YouTube Art Channels\ Influencers

I couldn't believe where she put me on her list, I was shocked, check out #lovepraypaint video on her top 10 favorite art channels, you won't believe who they are!! Are some of your favorite art channels on her list..

I tried an Allison Prior acrylic painting tutorial! ��️

Maria, from #loveparypaint channel painted along with my tutorial on her channel, she is so much fun to watch, and she did a great job following along, watch her video to see how she did this.. Here is a link to her Videol: