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Why can't I PAINT Like That!

You Tube Video's Look EASY for the ARTIST! So you want to learn to paint with oils or acrylic, then you go to you tube and look up "How to Paint a Landscape with Acrylic Paint" all these amazing video's come up and you try to paint along but you struggle and say "Why Can't I Paint Like That" and then you get frustrated because you think it looks so easy for the artist, well here's why those video's looks so easy for the Artist.  Don't forget it takes many attempts and practice to do those landscapes before the artist did the video, so when they do the video It was well rehearsed, that's the thing about these video's the artist makes it look so easy, but before they do the video's, they are practicing, Bob Ross did 3 of the same painting before he did the video... in reality it could take up to 3 days to do a really good painting sometime months..The more detail the better it will look, and the more layers the better it will lo

Acrylic Painting for Beginners Tutorial Links from Allison Prior to get...