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This is one TIP every BEGINNER needs to know about warm and cool colors.

This tip will improve your paintings beautifully, this is something you may not know, give it a try and see the difference. This video lesson is all about warm colours and cool colours, how they affect your paintings, and how they can improve your paintings, and how to can mix warm colours to your cool colours for more intensity and warm which will help sell your artwork.. Let me know if this worked for you..

4 Super Easy Canvas Painting Ideas for Beginners

You will love these easy paintings, great for beginners, with easy step by step instructions, a limited palette, and a couple of brushes, you will have gorgeous paintings to be proud of and hang on you walls, or give as gifts or even sell.... Links to the full tutorial lessons in the Description. Happy painting!!  @Allison Prior 

Learn to Paint "Over the Bridge at Autumn" with Acrylic paint for beginners

Learn to paint this beautiful "Over the Bridge at Autumn" with gorgeous autumn colors, reflections, and easy techniques to paint like a pro...

How to paint "Pink Spring Tree's " Acrylic Country Landscape painting tu...

How to paint "Pink Spring Tree's " Acrylic Landscape painting tutorial step by step Learn how to start your painting, how to mix your paints, starting with a the sky then add the backround pink tree's, learn how to add contrast to your paintings to make them pop, and how to layer your colors for realism. We will paint a path full of shadows from the tree's, and shadows in the grass using a glaze..