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5 Top Pros and Cons of buying and Using Acrylic Paint---for the Absolute Beginning Artist

5 Top  Pros and Cons of buying and using Acrylic Paint...for the absolute beginning artist.. 1. USING ACRYLIC PAINT:  Pros: Acrylic paint is durable, dries like plastic, won't mold, don't turn yellow, easy clean up with soap and water, no strong fumes, lots of colors to choose from.  Cons: Acrylic Paint dries to fast, Colors are not as vibrant as oils..Once on your Clothes it is permanent when dry... 2. KNOW YOUR BRANDS: When buying acrylic paints, knowing what to buy is a challenge, so here are my 5 top Brands: a. Daler and Rowney, Thick paint comes in Tubes. b. Winsor and Newton, Wide Variety of colors, comes in Tubes. c. Liquitex, Thick paint, vibrant colors, comes in Tubes.  d. Crafters, Good for Crafts, thin consistency, comes in bottles.    3. ACRYLIC PAINTS COME IN BOTTLES, TUBES, AND JARS. Pros:  TUBES: the paint is thicker Cons:  The Cap gets stuck when the paint dries on the top, and it' messy, the thicker the paint the more you need to use..  Pros   BOTTLE paint

How to paint an easy Forest lake and butterflies landscape acrylic paint...

Learn how to Paint this gorgeous easy Painting in just 45 minutes..with easy techniques to help you learn fast, beautiful colors to mix, and a simple way to make butterflies with 2 strokes, you will be surprised at how easy it is to blend your acrylic paints, and with a correct brush you can make the leaves in just on stroke... Watch the video tutorial and paint along with Allison Prior step by step in real time for a fun and enjoyable painting experience.. Allison will help you be the best you can be on your art Journey... Happy Painting!!