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"The Paint Trap" written by Dale Kalinowski.

The Paint Trap written by Ale Kalinowskie, A comment on my "Comparing Cheap verses Expensive paints" youtube video..beautifully written I have experimented with many paints , being an acrylic landscape artist myself. I fell into what I call  " The Paint Trap" a few years ago , when I only bought expensive top brand paints. But one day I began questioning the value of the paints I was using and began experimenting and discovered a few shocking truths . 1) The amount of pigmentation between artists level and basic paints may vary was never varied to the point of unreliability. Placing blotches of color on the board does not really lend itself to an accurate analysis . It is all in the blending and final outcome. I created some small art using everything from expensive professional colors from Golden , Atelier, Windsor Newton ,Graham , Liquitex, Da Vinci, and Gamblin. I then created a few paintings using cheap , and some surprisingly chea