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You Can Paint!! FREE Painting Lessons with Allison Prior

Underwater Tropical Fish Peaceful Sunset Silhouette "Girl with Violin"  These are completed paintings by Allison Prior you can learn to do, with easy techniques, and step by step instructions, you will be on your way to painting a beautiful masterpiece like these: Choose your favorite and follow the link to your step by step lesson.. All you need are few brushes: A Flat synthetic, A Flat Bristle, A Fan brush, and a Liner brush, you can add more as you need, make sure you can small, medium and large of each brush. All you need are a few paint colors: Red, Yellow, and Blue, Green, Brown, Black and White. And A Canvas to paint on, or any support you want to use, wood, metal, glass, fabric, acrylic paper, canvas paper, watercolor paper, mixed media paper. To get all your art supplies you can go to Allison's Amazon shop here, if you buy from my Shop I will get a small commission to help support my channel for more n