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How to apply Mod Podge to your Acrylic Paintings!!

  How to apply Mod Podge to your Acrylic Paintings... 1. Make sure you painting is completely dry, do a test first on an old painting, or do a mock painting let it dry and apply it, the important thing is to make sure your painting is dry, let it sit for a day at least, if it's acrylics. That also goes for Oil Paintings, but wait several weeks for oils to dry.. 2. If you are painting in  oils you are better not to use mod podge, a Gloss Varnish would be better.. 3. Apply the mod podge but make sure there are no streaks, or to much mod podge in one area, you have to brush over it several time s to make sure it don't get cloudy...if you want 2 coats, make sure the first coat is dry.. Here is the reason Why you may want to put Mod Podge on your Acrylic paintings: Mod Podge Gloss will dry to a Glossy shinny finish, and make your colors more vibrant,  your Acrylics will now look like an oil painting. It will give extra protection so your painting will last longer. You can also use a