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24 of the Greatest Helpful Hints for Acrylic painting..

You will love these helpful hints from Allison Prior, with these hints you will save time, learn faster, and save money.. Here are the Greatest 24 helpful Hints for Acrylic Painting. 1. When you have your composition arranged, take some time to study your drawing or idea you created. Example: Decide what colors you will use, where you will place your shadows, highlights, and focal point.  Decide where the lightsource is coming from the left or right, that will help you place your highlights. If you use a reference photo, most of the work is done for you, but you still want to study the photo to see if you want to take subjects out or move things around, match up your colors, choose the brushes you will need for your painting, and what you will paint on.. 2. When you are finished painting don't throw away your left over paint, store the paint in a jar with a lid so it won't dry out, then you can use it for a backround, or an underpainting... 3. If your painting looks finished an