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A lot of artists worry about copyright and wonder if it's ok to paint other artists paintings, or photo's, and tutorials from video's and books, the following explanation may help ease your mind so you can get on with painting and not worry about stealing other artists work or getting in trouble with copyright.. You can sign a painting you did from a book or tutorial,  just mention it's from a tutorial or book you followed, the problem arises when people take a picture from an art book and post it and say they painted it.  Imagine if someone took your painting you did and said they did it, but it was just a picture of your painting, that would be a big problem. When you paint from a picture you took yourself you can sell it and prints without any worry, it's all yours. If you paint from a tutorial or a book is not a problem either,  as long as you use it for your own personal use, just mention the artist or book if you showing it off on the internet. Just thi
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