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3 ways to a perfect Acrylic Painting

Do you ever wonder what you are doing wrong when you finish your painting, this video will give you all the tips and techniques to help you bring your painting to life, with simple step by step instructions, you will be able to see how adding these techniques will bring your painting to the finished level..

How to paint a Snowman and Woman with Acrylic Paint

All 4 Lessons in one set list to make it easier for you to find.. This is a fun easy acrylic painting tutorial with Allison Prior, step by step in real time..

Art Supplies for Beginning Artists..

All you have to do is click my link and it will take you to all the supplies you need to get started painting.. Widgets

How to Paint A Cute SNOWMAN and WOMAN with Acrylic Paint Lesson 1

If you would love to learn now to paint this cute snowman and woman, have a look at my Youtube video to help you along. All you need is a Bristle Brush flat size 6 or 8 to get the textured snow on the snow people. A Flat Synthetic brush or Fan brush is great for the snow on the ground, A Filbert Synthetic or Sable brush is great for the backround, and under painting the snow people. A liner brush is great for the twigs.. Use chaulk to draw your Snow people and hats.. I have  brushes I use in my paintings you can purchase for only $9.99 with Free Shipping to Canada and the US.. all you have to do is email me at  to get the details and how to order..

Amazon Prime for great Deals, Free 2 day Shipping,

How to Make BLACK with Acrylic Paint to enhance your paintings..

Bunt Umber Acrylic Paint Ultramarine Blue Acrylic Paint Black Acrylic Paint Pack of 9 Filbert Synthetic Brushes different sizes You can make your own BLACK paint if you don't like it straight from the tube, Black paint from the tube can be dull, in this video I will show you how to make your own Black, and I also have a few tips on bringing your Black straight from the tube paint to life.. Here are links to The colors you will need to make your black paint, Brushes,and Black Paint from the Tube. Artist Filbert Synthetic Brushes Burnt Umber Ultramarine Blue

My Amazon Store to Great Art Supplies, check out these great Fan brushes..

Fine bristles, brush shiny, flexible and centralized recovery capability, exquisite workmanship, not easy to deformation, and wear resistance, long service life. These brushes feature long wooden handles, which are well balanced and easy to hold steady. 33.5 x 10.5cm/13.19 x 4.13"(L x W) Bristles Hair Oil Painting Brush Each product come with a brand card

Brushes Allison Uses in Her Painting Video's, Now you can have them!!

If you like the Brushes I use to do my painting video's, and if you would like to have them, all you have to do is order them straight from me, just use email and pay $9.99 Shipping included, US and Canada, you can pay by pay pal or e transfer.. Email me to let me know you sent the money or that you want to order so I can get your brushes in the mail as soon as possible. I will send you a: 1" Flat  Bristle Brush wooden handle signed by Allison Prior # 6 or 8 Flat Bristle Brush Small Chisel Edge Synthetic or Sable Brush Liner Brush I will sign the 1" Bristle Brush.. Some brushes come in Different colors on the handles, The large 1" brush will be as long as supplies last. The large 1" bristle brush is great for flowers, bushes, trees, foliage, as you see in my video in the link below.. The #6 or 8 bristle brush is also great for flowers, bushes, trees, foliage in smaller areas.. The small Chisel Edge Bru

Art Supplies Allison Prior recommends..

Here are Art Supplies I picked out for you on my Amazon, I searched for the best prices and 4 to 5 star ratings, if you click my link I will get a small commission and you will save time trying to find the right supplies for your paintings..I'll do all the work for you, you can also let me know what your looking for and I will try to find it for you. This is a professional grade 100 percent acrylic gesso formulated with the latest acrylic technology for adhesion and flexibility Features excellent tooth and absorbency to accept oil and acrylic colors, pastels, charcoal, pencil, and crayons This package contains 4-fluid ounces of gesso canvas primer It is non-toxic and conforms to ASTM D4236 PRINCETON ART and BRUSH-Real Value Brush Set Perfect for acrylic watercolor and tempera Has short and long handle brushes to meet every painting need Mat

Quick Tip: Ways to Sell your Art Faster without a Canvas..

Ideas on how to make money from your ART                          If you can't sell your paintings on a canvas,                      Here is a tip :  Paint on a t- shirt, Pillows, Rocks, Plates, Old Windows, Mailboxes, Birdhouses, Glass, Wine Bottles, Mugs, Old chairs, Small Tables, Lamps, or Wood, anything that might sell..  Here are a few books I found on Amazon for you, just click the links to my Amazon.. If you're ready to start earning money for your artwork, then these books are for you! Want to be a professional artist? "How To Sell Your Art" is an excellent guide on marketing your art and making money from your talent. It's packed with insider tips to help you succeed in the business of art. If you want to avoid the common mistakes many artists make, it's an invaluable resource. Learn the best methods for aproaching dealers or selling on your own. If you're a serious artist and want to turn your hobby into a profitable busine

10 Ways to get Motivated and Inspired to Paint...

Have you ever felt like you just couldn't get Motivated to paint some days, well here are 10 ways to get Motivated and Inspired to Paint beautiful Paintings everyday... 1. GET ORGANIZED: Set up a space for your art only, consisting of a table, paints, brushes, container of water, paper towels, convas, and small things like toothpicks, chalk, ruler, painters tape, transfer paper and a palette..When you have all this organized all you have to do go to your table and paint.. 2.SURROUND YOURSELF WITH BEAUIFUL ART AND BOOKS. Put up all your paintings you already finished or half finished, and art tutorial books,  Pictures from Magazine's and Calender's, when you go to your space look through a few of your books, and either pick a painting that need's to be finished, or start a new one..You will surely be inspired. 3. DO FREE PAINTINGS FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS: Nothing inspires me more then doing paintings for my family and friends, they love it, You will be motiva

Live Performance, "Every Little Thing" written by Carlene Carter, cover ...

Love to sing, this was when our band "A Touch of Class" was touring Newfoundland, Canada..

How to Paint BOULDERS with Acrylic Paint for beginners Step by step..


The Most Popular Colors Pros use for Acrylic Paintings.

The Most Popular Colors Professional Artists use for Acrylic Painting: If you look at video's on Youtube, or anywhere on the internet, or even tutorial art books you will see these following paint colors always mentioned, that's because they work so well in bringing out beautiful colors in your paintings.. Primary Colors: 1. Ultramarine Blue,  Phthalo Blue. 2. Cad Red,  Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Red Light. 2. Cad Yellow., Lemon Yellow,  Yellow Ochre Additional Colors White: Titanium White. to lighten the value of the color Black: Mars darken the value of the color Hunter Green Burnt Umber,  Burnt Sienna Raw Umber Happy Painting Everyone..!!

Why can't I PAINT Like That!

You Tube Video's Look EASY for the ARTIST! So you want to learn to paint with oils or acrylic, then you go to you tube and look up "How to Paint a Landscape with Acrylic Paint" all these amazing video's come up and you try to paint along but you struggle and say "Why Can't I Paint Like That" and then you get frustrated because you think it looks so easy for the artist, well here's why those video's looks so easy for the Artist.  Don't forget it takes many attempts and practice to do those landscapes before the artist did the video, so when they do the video It was well rehearsed, that's the thing about these video's the artist makes it look so easy, but before they do the video's, they are practicing, Bob Ross did 3 of the same painting before he did the video... in reality it could take up to 3 days to do a really good painting sometime months..The more detail the better it will look, and the more layers the better it will lo

Acrylic Painting for Beginners Tutorial Links from Allison Prior to get...


3 EASY Steps to Painting TREE'S with Acrylic Paint for beginners, step b...


What is your Painting Style??

I love painting waterfalls, I love landscapes, but what do you mean by style.? The way you paint that's different then other artists gives you your own style, you notice when you look at some artist paintings you know exactly who did it by their style, check out Jerry Yarnell, then Bob Ross, you can see the difference in their style, study other artist work and you will see they have a certain style, could be the colors they use, maybe one will do very detailed paintings, and another artist may do palette knife paintings.. you will find your style when you paint more, your hand movements, and the colors you use in your paintings will bring out your style, if you are copying me, you will pick up some of my style.. 😁

How to Blend a beautiful blue sky with acrylic paint see Lesson 1 to ad...

Do you have trouble blending your acrylic paint colors, here is a very easy technique in blending colors together, you can use for any project you want to paint on, either a Canvas, plates, wood, mailbox, metal, glass, wall, and more.. you can also use this method to blend different colors, the white is what makes the beautiful blending work. Step 1: Put painters tape on the horizon line on your canvas, glass, plate etc. if needed. Step 2, Load your bristle or sable brush 1/4 inch with ultramarine blue or any dark blue, and put a line of that color on the top of your canvas.. paint from one side to other in long strokes, back and forth to blend.. Step 3, Load your brush with white paint on your dirty brush and start to paint under the blue paint, then with long strokes side to side, back and forth working your way up and into the blue to blend, keep going back and forth until it all blends. Step 4, Repeat loading you dirty brush with white paint, and start under the pai

Acrylic Painting for the Beginner Artist Allison Prior loses Voice to La...

I just wanted to talk to my subscribers before I lost my voice altogether..not being able to talk is not fun, and I can't make new video's until I can talk again, your well wishes will help me get through this, I hope this won't last too long, but the doctor said a couple of weeks..

How to paint a PEAR with acrylic paint, 4 easy steps, for the beginner, ...


How to draw a MALE FACE with pencils..

How to draw a MALE FACE with pencils is an easy lesson in how to draw interesting faces, here are a few tips on how to get started: 1. Find a picture of a Male face on the public domain sites. 2. Draw Freehand by printing out the picture or put a grid on the picture. 3. Put the picture next to your drawing paper and measure the top of the head from ear to ear and top of the head to chin. 4.The eyes go about halfway. 5.The nose go halfway between the eyes and chin, and as wide as the corners of the eyes. 6. The lips go halfway between the nose and chin. and the edge of the lips go to the center of the eyes. 7. There is one eye wide between the eyes.. 8. The bottom of the ears are across the bottom of the nose. 9. The eyebrows are at the top of the ears. 10. The neck is just as wide as the earlobes.. Have a look at my video to learn how to draw a face... Here is a link to my Amazon for these great pencils for Drawing ..


A lot of artists worry about copyright and wonder if it's ok to paint other artists paintings, or photo's, and tutorials from video's and books, the following explanation may help ease your mind so you can get on with painting and not worry about stealing other artists work or getting in trouble with copyright.. You can sign a painting you did from a book or tutorial,  just mention it's from a tutorial or book you followed, the problem arises when people take a picture from an art book and post it and say they painted it.  Imagine if someone took your painting you did and said they did it, but it was just a picture of your painting, that would be a big problem. When you paint from a picture you took yourself you can sell it and prints without any worry, it's all yours. If you paint from a tutorial or a book is not a problem either,  as long as you use it for your own personal use, just mention the artist or book if you showing it off on the internet. Just thi
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Allison Prior Acrylic Painting and Drawing Classes: Allison's Art Studio, Brookfield Road, St. John's, NL All you have to do is email  or call 364-5489 to hold your seat. Sundays from 3:00pm to 5:00pm Wednesdays Paint Night Groups of 4, 6:00pm to 8:00pm Thursdays from 6:00pm to 8:00pm Here are a few Paintings and Drawing for you to choose from, you pick one and I will teach you easy techniques step by step  on how to create your very own masterpiece to take experience required.. All you need is a canvas to paint on, all other supplies included. Happy Painting!! Allison Prior

How to Paint a WINTER WONDERLAND Landscape with Acrylics easy FULL LESSO...


6 Secrets to Great Paintings:

It's a struggle to get a great painting, you work at it for hours even days and still can't seem to get that beautiful finished professional look, but if you do these 6 things you will be amazed at the end results and you will be proud of your work finally. Here are 6 Secrets to help you get great paintings, it's all in the planning, looking forward, making decisions, learning, researching, reference photo's and all things listed here.. 1.  PLAN YOUR COMPOSITION: Yes, first decide what you want to paint, it could be from a picture you took yourself, or a picture you saw on a Christmas Card, or just from memory, maybe a cabin you spent many summers with family. If you paint from a picture you may want to change things around or crop it to the part you like best, or add a few more details by using other photo's for ideas..or references such as farm animals, flowers in a field, colors in the sky, there's so much to choose from it's almost hard to believe y

Drawing Supplies on Amazon, Great Selection..

Here is a really nice Drawing and Painting Set, would make a nice Gift.. Darice 80-Piece Deluxe Art Set 80-piece deluxe art set including art supplies for drawing, painting and more Includes color pencils, oil pastels, watercolor cakes, paintbrushes, pencils, and accessories Provides an artist with a wide range of materials in a compact, portable case Case is wood with snap-shut handle Small parts, not for children under 3 years

Acrylic Painting Brushes on Amazon, Great Selection...

Acrylic Painting Brushes Great Selection on Amazon.

My pick for Acrylic Painting Books on Amazon..

Here are links to Acrylic Instruction Books for Beginners, I have bought many books off Amazon and found them very helpful and Inspirational, Click the links and they will take you my Amazon page for the best prices..I will be adding more soon. Painting: 3 in 1 Masterclass Box Set: Book 1: Painting + Book 2: Acrylic Painting + Book 3: Oil Painting (Painting - Painting for Beginners - Acrylic Painting - Oil Painting)

How to Sell and Price your paintings..

The way I see it the bigger the canvas the higher the price, if you price a 16 X 20 for $300.00, it will sell if the buyer likes what they see, if they don't like what they see you can ask $40.00 and they still won't buy it, it's the same when a buyer is looking for a piece of furniture they buy what they like and they will pay more for it, just because it's cheap don't mean they will buy that piece of furniture, so when you paint to sell, create paintings with color like red's and yellows, paint things that people remember doing when they were kids, like skating on a pond, playing hockey in the street, bring back memories, look up famous paintings that sold and see what you like about the painting, paint a town or country where you live and sell it to the people who live there, they may find a house they once lived in or someone they know. Then find galleries in that town and put the painting up for sale, take prints of the painting and sell the prints, the

Getting Started with Acrylics, What you need to start painting with Acrylic for the Beginner..

People ask me  what do I need to get started painting, they want to know what brushes to use, what to buy, how many, what sizes, what to paint on, and more, so here is a list of the items, materials and supplies you may want to have to get started painting with acrylics..also for oil painting, just use linseed oil instead of water for oil painting.. l..ACRYLIC PAINT: You can use Tube paints or bottled paint, the colors you need are the primary's, RED, YELLOW, and BLUE, and Black and White to lighten or darken the values..Green and Brown are also good extras to have, you can make all your colors you need from the Primary' if you don't have Brown you can mix the YELLOW and BLUE to make GREEN, Then mix RED and GREEN to get Brown, I will have a list of Color mixing in the next section of my blog. 2.BRUSHES: Just get a few of each to start, Small, Medium and Large Flat Bristle brushes, Flat Sable Brushes, Liner brushes, fan brushes, angular brushes, filbert brushes.

How to paint a SHARK underwater coral reef PREVIEW to full lessons


How to paint a BLUE JAY with Acrylic Paint easy..step by step lessons.


How to draw a female eye, easy techniques


Must Have Brushes for your paintings!!!

Click the link below to see these Must have brushes I found on Amazon, these would make a great addition to your painting supplies, only $6.88, I ordered them and the shipping was only .66 cents, it may take 4-6 weeks or sooner to get to you, these are great for painting small details, I will be on the look out for the best prices and supplies I think will help you with your art. I checked these out on other areas of Amazon and the exact same ones were $12 to $25., not sure why, Maybe because I have an affiliate account where I get a small commission for selling their products I have access to better prices, a win win situation, you get the best prices from me, and I get a small fee,click on my link and let me know if you need help.. .If you see anything else or are thinking about buying art supplies let me know and I will look for the best prices for you...If they are sold out, let me know I will find more, email if your looking for something in particu