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Quick Tip: Ways to Sell your Art Faster without a Canvas..

Ideas on how to make money from your ART                          If you can't sell your paintings on a canvas,                      Here is a tip :  Paint on a t- shirt, Pillows, Rocks, Plates, Old Windows, Mailboxes, Birdhouses, Glass, Wine Bottles, Mugs, Old chairs, Small Tables, Lamps, or Wood, anything that might sell..  Here are a few books I found on Amazon for you, just click the links to my Amazon.. If you're ready to start earning money for your artwork, then these books are for you! Want to be a professional artist? "How To Sell Your Art" is an excellent guide on marketing your art and making money from your talent. It's packed with insider tips to help you succeed in the business of art. If you want to avoid the common mistakes many artists make, it's an invaluable resource. Learn the best methods for aproaching dealers or selling on your own. If you're a serious artist and want to turn your hobby into a profitable busine

10 Ways to get Motivated and Inspired to Paint...

Have you ever felt like you just couldn't get Motivated to paint some days, well here are 10 ways to get Motivated and Inspired to Paint beautiful Paintings everyday... 1. GET ORGANIZED: Set up a space for your art only, consisting of a table, paints, brushes, container of water, paper towels, convas, and small things like toothpicks, chalk, ruler, painters tape, transfer paper and a palette..When you have all this organized all you have to do go to your table and paint.. 2.SURROUND YOURSELF WITH BEAUIFUL ART AND BOOKS. Put up all your paintings you already finished or half finished, and art tutorial books,  Pictures from Magazine's and Calender's, when you go to your space look through a few of your books, and either pick a painting that need's to be finished, or start a new one..You will surely be inspired. 3. DO FREE PAINTINGS FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS: Nothing inspires me more then doing paintings for my family and friends, they love it, You will be motiva