Patterns and Traceables for your Paintings.

Pattern for Lion Painting

Pattern for drawing a Gorgous Rose

Pattern for drawing a female Face Lesson

Skater Pattern

Pattern for Underwater Tropical Fish
Pattern for the Tropical Parrot Lesson

Silhouette Girl with Violin Traceable

Fantasy Forest and Unicorn

3 Dory Boats painting

Happy Easter Painting

Here is a link to my youtube channel for all the below Painting Lessons:

Cardinal 2

Cardinal 1


Girl on Swing "Childhood Memories" lesson, just print this off and trace the outline..

The Weathered Boat

Coffee Time

Pattern for Chickadee in a Field of Flowers

Kitten on the Fence



Blue Butterfly painting

Santa down the Chimney

Girl in Yellow Dress

Boy and Sleigh Acrylic Painting

November Rain Tutorial 

Spilled Wine Tutorial

Blue Jay Painting

Patterns and Traceables for your Paintings:

                                                                            The Eiffel Tower at Sunset

                                                                                     Wolf Howling at the Moon 

                                                                                                                          African Sunset

                                                                                                         Boat and reflections 

Big Moon with Girl on swing, you can print this off and trace the girl on the swing, the moon was put on  with a round bowl..

Flowers in a Glass Vase

FREE Acrylic Painting lessons of these Patterns and  Reference photo's here:

                                             Girl on the Balcony, View from the Balcony

                                                             Elephant pattern:

                                                       Girl in the Red Feathered Hat
                                                              Christmas Owls pattern

Hibiscus flower pattern

Wine and Grapes painting


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