Use this Tip to paint Realistic Evergreen trees!!.Acrylic Painting "Wea...

If you love to paint skies and tree's you will love this video tutorials, Allison will show you how to the correct brush for getting great shapes to your fir tree's, or evergreen tree's, and how to add color, Allison will show you how to make small colorful bushes, and a beautifully blended sky, and easy clouds..
Check it out now, this is a 3 part series, when you finish all 3 you will have a full finished painting...


Unknown said…
Hello Ms. Pryor:

i watch your tutorial videos, and my first painting was your sunflower painting. i think it came out pretty well but i want to learn more. for example, i have a very hard time painting clouds and trees. i appreciate any advise you can give. i once wanted to move to Paris and study art there, but my life took a different direction back then. I am 60 yrs old now, and diagnosed with MS so i have more time on my hands since i cannot work anymore and my children are grown up. thank you in advance for any advice and i will continue to watch your painting tutorials and try to paint some of them.

best regards, ShirleyM
Allison Prior said…
Hi Shirley,

I am so happy my painting lessons are helping you, Painting is a great hobby to take up at any age, so I am glad you contacted me for help.
I will be able to help you better if you email me at, I will be able to send you links to painting lessons, and you can send me pictures of you paintings, that way I can give you advice and show you tips and tricks, and techniques..

I will wait to hear from you..
Happy Painting!
Allison Prior

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