The "Secret" to mixing perfect colors for Acrylic and Oil Painting with ...

You will make beautiful colors from just your 3 Primary colors of RED, YELLOW, and BLUE, plus White.. All you need to do is know how much to add to each color which is simple: 1. Add equal amounts of each color for example Blue plus Yellow to get Green 2. Add 1/2 the equal amount Less blue 3. Add 1/2 of the 1/2 the equal amount less blue again Now your green will get lighter and lighter as you use less of the blue. So less and less of the main color to lighten your color... As explained in the video..


Anonymous said…
Hi Allison

I read your blog with regards to making liquid magic (liquid white as bob ross calls it)
I could go off and buy the oils and make the magic myself but I figure that it might be
cheaper if I could purchase it from you.

would it be possible to order some from you. if so I am looking for about 500ml

it only seems to be available in the oil painting segment and not for acrylic

I am an acrylic painter so this is why I am contacting you

hope you can help me here


kind regards


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