Comparing Cheap Versus Professional Acrylic Paints (A Must SEE)

Have you ever tried to do a painting following a tutorial or an art instruction book, and you found your painting didn't look as good as the one your following, well here's why.

If the tutorial required a color maybe Burnt Sienna, and you have the Burnt Sienna but it doesn't look like what the artist is using, that's because the artist may be using a different brand then you, you may be using burnt sienna from Golden, and they may be using the same color from Liquidex, or some other brand, even though it's burnt sienna, the different brands may not match in color, same with any of your colors,.

Also if they ask for ultramarie blue and you don't have it, don't panic, look through your blues and pick the darkest blue, or one close to the ultramarine blue as possible and use that..

I will show you how to mix your own colors such as burnt sienna, yellow ochre etc in the next video, this video will show the difference choosing a brand makes...

Happy Painting!!


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