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 Art is my life, I create art everyday, it surrounds me, and my passion to keep creating and sharing my love of art with you makes me very happy to wake up everyday and paint. I love creating painting and drawing video's knowing that they are helping people all over the world learn to paint with my fast and easy techniques and  step by step instruction.. Then I came across Patreon, and now  if I reach my goals I can upload better video's, with better equipment, I am planning on doing this for a very long time, but it takes good equipment like camera's, lighting, supplies, and more to keep going, I am so happy to have found Patreon to bring me closer to the people I love to help.. I feel like we all now have a better painting future, and I am really looking forward to the journey.. I have been creating free painting and drawing lessons on youtube since 2008, my video's will help the beginning artist learn simple to follow techniques to create beautiful landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, and so much more, if you pledge I can create many more video's, .This is my passion to create better and more free painting and drawing lessons, and you as my Patron will help me do just I will be giving back by making sure I have great rewards to show you how much I appreciate your support..with early access to my new Step by step full painting Tutorials,Tips, and behind the scene's bloopers, you will get patterns to transfer to your drawing or reference photo to your canvas for painting, and reference photo's I used, plus you can email me to get help or advice with your art,  and lots more you will see in the rewards..

I have added  FULL Painting lessons for my Patron's, DVD's cost over $25.00, but for only $1.00 a month US my Patron's can get all my FULL painting lessons with up  to 1 hour or more of easy step by step instruction, patterns, Traceables, and the reference photo if needed for the painting I used to create my lesson, plus a big bonus, these video's are AD FREE for a more enjoyable experience.

All Video's I do for Patreon are AD FREE, some older video's still may have ads if you watch them on Youtube, if you come across one, to avoid ads watch the lesson directly on my Patreon page....I want to give more support and enjoyment to people who support me and my art..

I also take requests of what you would like for me to paint or draw, so I can help you learn what you love to paint or draw, some people only want to do landscapes, or seascapes, animals, etc...or they may be struggling with a painting or drawing they started, others may have a picture they took themselves and would like a lesson on how to paint it. .I can help..

 Now your art journey will be more enjoyable as you will get your full Drawing and Painting Lessons early, Ad Free, get extra help, reference photo's, traceables, and advice. 

Thank you so much for being my Patron, email or comment, to let me know my video's are fun, they are helping you, and they are easy to I can make sure you are happy and enjoying my video tutorials..

 I also love hearing from you so email me to ask questions, get extra help, and to send a picture of your paintings and drawings...I love seeing them..

 From the bottom of my heart thank you. Allison Prior Happy Painting!!

Allison Prior Patreon Page


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