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Looking for FREE Painting and Drawing Lessons?

 Hi Art Enthusiasts, If you love to paint or draw, and you are still learning or just started, you need lessons and tutorials that will help and inspire you, a tutorial that explains everything from start to finish, from what brushes to use, what colors and brands of paint to use, how much paint to put on your brush, if you should use water to thin your paints, should you prime your canvas with Gesso, what is Gesso?, You need to know how to mix you paints so you don’t make mud, how to layout a composition, how to create a focal point, how to blend Acrylics before they dry, do Acrylics dry fast and what you can do about it. How to draw or paint portraits, grass, tree’s, etc how to create shadows, where to put your shadows, how to add highlights to your paintings and drawings for an amazing effect to create realism. So many questions that are answered in my Video Tutorials to help make painting and drawing fun and exciting, easy techniques to help you learn fast. Here is a link to my cha

What is GESSO? 6 Surprising ways to use GESSO for Acrylics Beginners Ste...