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How to Make Magic White for Acrylic Paint for easy blending. using the wet on wet technique like Bob Ross..

The hardest part of Painting with Acrylic paint is short drying time and blending, now I have come up with a solution. Just like Bob Ross we will make Magic White or Liquid White for the wet on wet painting technique, and to make painting with Acrylics easy. This will change the way you paint with Acrylics forever, you will now have the freedom to paint for up to 1 hour, perfect for blending, Shading, and highlighting your colors for a beautiful and amazing painting. Acrylics don't yellow, but oils do over time... How it works: Magic White is a base coat made by Bill Alexander, Bob Ross's Teacher, then when Bob Ross starting painting on PBS, he painted the wet on wet technique he learned using the Magic white, but he called it Liquid White.. The Magic White is a mixture of White oil Paint and Linseed oil, and Thinner basically, but Bill Alexander had his own secret ingredients, and it was never made for Acrylic paint, you put the magic white on your canvas as a bas