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How to Blend a beautiful blue sky with acrylic paint see Lesson 1 to ad...

Do you have trouble blending your acrylic paint colors, here is a very easy technique in blending colors together, you can use for any project you want to paint on, either a Canvas, plates, wood, mailbox, metal, glass, wall, and more.. you can also use this method to blend different colors, the white is what makes the beautiful blending work. Step 1: Put painters tape on the horizon line on your canvas, glass, plate etc. if needed. Step 2, Load your bristle or sable brush 1/4 inch with ultramarine blue or any dark blue, and put a line of that color on the top of your canvas.. paint from one side to other in long strokes, back and forth to blend.. Step 3, Load your brush with white paint on your dirty brush and start to paint under the blue paint, then with long strokes side to side, back and forth working your way up and into the blue to blend, keep going back and forth until it all blends. Step 4, Repeat loading you dirty brush with white paint, and start under the pai