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Corona Virus 2020 how it is affecting my life and yours..

#allisonpriorart My name is Allison Prior, I am going through the worse time in my life along with the rest of the world, yes the whole world, as of April 07th, 2020 this is a podcast of the events that are taking place right now, I made this podcast for our future generations to get first hand details of what people had to go through, and what was going on in and around the world, if you didn't experience it you will not believe that this actually happened, and may never happen again. You may even think it's a horror movie I'm talking about, but it happened. Listen as I take you on a journey to the twilight zone, in real life. If you are watching this in the future yes this was real, it did happen a lot of people died,  and as I am recording the events, we are just getting started, we haven't reached our peak yet, so a lot more people are going to die, and we don't know how to stop it.The invisible enemy.. Before this all started, the world seemed to be in good sha