Corona Virus 2020 how it is affecting my life and yours..


My name is Allison Prior, I am going through the worse time in my life along with the rest of the world, yes the whole world, as of April 07th, 2020 this is a podcast of the events that are taking place right now, I made this podcast for our future generations to get first hand details of what people had to go through, and what was going on in and around the world, if you didn't experience it you will not believe that this actually happened, and may never happen again. You may even think it's a horror movie I'm talking about, but it happened. Listen as I take you on a journey to the twilight zone, in real life.

If you are watching this in the future yes this was real, it did happen a lot of people died,  and as I am recording the events, we are just getting started, we haven't reached our peak yet, so a lot more people are going to die, and we don't know how to stop it.The invisible enemy..

Before this all started, the world seemed to be in good shape no wars, great economy all over the world, Governments and people were getting along, yes we had our normal problems, but it was the time of year people were doing a lot of travelling, getting ready for the Easter break, and Spring breaks, a lot of money was tied up in travel plans, stocks, financial, housing, everything was amazing, and then came along a invisible enemy, the corona virus. 

It started in Wuhan,China, then sped it's way across the globe, shutting everything down,  the planet came to a full stop almost overnight, people had to stay home, businesses closed, schools closed, Cruise Ships were not allowed to dock in any port because people on the ships were getting sick and dying from the Corona Virus, Covid 19,   hospitals were overrun with sick people, no one was allowed to visit the sick, so they died alone, with no family member to say goodby or hold their hand, they even ran out of body bags in some states, they had to use stadiums to hold the sick, it is a horror movie, this never in history happened before, no pandemic, plague, or any virus shut down the whole planet, the planet is now quiet, like a twilight zone..even the animals are coming out of the forest and enjoying the quiet streets, Pollution is low, and the earth's crust don't shake now that there are no cars, trucks, trains or buses running. I even read the pope thinks that climate change is at fault..Some people think the virus was set loose on purpose..Others say life will never be the same...

All travel comes to a halt, only essential travel is allowed to bring food, and medical supplies..People who had symptoms had to quarantine for 14 days or face a fine or jail time..The WHO and the Governments tried to fight the virus by distancing people by shutting everything down even parks, trails, sports, anything that gathered people in groups were shut down, and you had to stay home...

Things are very confusing, we are told you don't have to wear a mask it won't help, then they said to wear a mask it will help..Then they tell us to wear a mask every time you have to go out for essentials, and one person from the family at a time can go out..
They are releasing Prisoners from Jail to avoid the spread of the corona virus, but it spread and some prisoners died, yet we can go to jail for not staying home, it feels like we are impressioned in our homes by the virus...we know we have to stay home, we have no choice, we need to stop this killer...and it's the only way, we have no vaccine, we don't understand it yet, it's moving to fast, so staying away from each other is the only defense we have right now..

At first they said it only affected people over 60 with underlying health problems, then they tell us it can affect all ages...

Some people are afraid Marshall Law may come into effect, we will see.

 I will do podcasts as things change, and add more information to my blog as the days change. I hope for the better..

I will do another postcast to let you know how bad this got and how we recovered...Stay safe...

Here is the link to my Youtube Video with images.


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