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How to Become a Patreon of Allison Prior and what are your rewards....

Become a Patron! If you would like to support Allison Prior so she can keep creating new FREE Acrylic Painting Tutorials for you, and get rewards for you pledge, all you have to do is go to Allison's Patreon page and become a Patreon: Here are just some of the rewards: I have been creating free painting and drawing lessons on youtube since 2008, my video's will help the beginning artist learn simple to follow techniques to create beautiful landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, and so much more, if you pledge I can create many more video's, .This is my passion to create better and more free painting and drawing lessons, and you as my Patreon will help me do just I will be giving back by making sure I have great rewards to show you how much I appreciate your support..with early access to my new Tutorials,Tips, and behind the scene's, Patterns to transfer to your canvas for painting, and reference photo's I used, and lots more you will see in the rewa

10 tips to stay Motivated (For Artists)

Are you having artist block here are 10 tips to stay Motivated (For Artists)

Sneak Peek at new upcoming Tutorial, How to paint a Cardinal and Daisies..

If you would love to learn how to paint a male Cardinal and Daisies go to my Youtube channel This is a New upcoming Tutorial, How to paint a male Cardinal and can go to my Patreon page and get early access to all my new upcoming full tutorials for only $1.00 a month.. or subscribe to my channel and ring my bell to get notified here: