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How to Sell and Price your paintings..

The way I see it the bigger the canvas the higher the price, if you price a 16 X 20 for $300.00, it will sell if the buyer likes what they see, if they don't like what they see you can ask $40.00 and they still won't buy it, it's the same when a buyer is looking for a piece of furniture they buy what they like and they will pay more for it, just because it's cheap don't mean they will buy that piece of furniture, so when you paint to sell, create paintings with color like red's and yellows, paint things that people remember doing when they were kids, like skating on a pond, playing hockey in the street, bring back memories, look up famous paintings that sold and see what you like about the painting, paint a town or country where you live and sell it to the people who live there, they may find a house they once lived in or someone they know. Then find galleries in that town and put the painting up for sale, take prints of the painting and sell the prints, the

Getting Started with Acrylics, What you need to start painting with Acrylic for the Beginner..

People ask me  what do I need to get started painting, they want to know what brushes to use, what to buy, how many, what sizes, what to paint on, and more, so here is a list of the items, materials and supplies you may want to have to get started painting with acrylics..also for oil painting, just use linseed oil instead of water for oil painting.. l..ACRYLIC PAINT: You can use Tube paints or bottled paint, the colors you need are the primary's, RED, YELLOW, and BLUE, and Black and White to lighten or darken the values..Green and Brown are also good extras to have, you can make all your colors you need from the Primary' if you don't have Brown you can mix the YELLOW and BLUE to make GREEN, Then mix RED and GREEN to get Brown, I will have a list of Color mixing in the next section of my blog. 2.BRUSHES: Just get a few of each to start, Small, Medium and Large Flat Bristle brushes, Flat Sable Brushes, Liner brushes, fan brushes, angular brushes, filbert brushes.