How to Sell and Price your paintings..

The way I see it the bigger the canvas the higher the price, if you price a 16 X 20 for $300.00, it will sell if the buyer likes what they see, if they don't like what they see you can ask $40.00 and they still won't buy it, it's the same when a buyer is looking for a piece of furniture they buy what they like and they will pay more for it, just because it's cheap don't mean they will buy that piece of furniture, so when you paint to sell, create paintings with color like red's and yellows, paint things that people remember doing when they were kids, like skating on a pond, playing hockey in the street, bring back memories, look up famous paintings that sold and see what you like about the painting, paint a town or country where you live and sell it to the people who live there, they may find a house they once lived in or someone they know. Then find galleries in that town and put the painting up for sale, take prints of the painting and sell the prints, the prints will sell faster because they cost less, the original should be more, if you sell the original for $300. you can sell the prints for $40.00 unframed, depending on the size.. Also paint what you love, if you love Landscapes then do landscapes, if you don't like doing Animals don't do them...Put lots of detail in your panitings, detail also sells, find out what people are buying in your area, look for galleries in your area that can help you sell your paintings, they may want to take a commission for selling them, so adjust your price so you can make money to pay for your paints, materials, and time..

Here are a few links to articles on this subject that may be helpful to you, also if your serious about selling your art you will have to spend time doing your own reshearch, study and learn from others that make a living selling art..don't just do a painting and hoping it will have to work hard at learning not only to paint but how to sell your art...

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