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Secrets to amazing Paintings: (Acrylic and Oil)

Do you struggle with colors that fade, paintings that are dull, are you trying to get your paintings to look vibrant, full of life, colorful, and interesting, Here are a few Secrets that will help you create amazing paintings, oil or acrylic, watercolor, you can apply these techniques to any medium in most cases.. Question:   I tried to highlight in white but it just seems to fade-away. Is it because I’m using cheaper acrylic paint? It is called Titanium white but is fairly cheap. Advice please. Answer   Allison Prior   If this is acrylic paint, the colors fade even the white, if you want a really bright white you can use white oil paint over the dry acrylic paint where you want the highlights, or use masking fluid to keep the white of the canvas as your highlights. Question:   If your hired to do a painting  are your customers able to make prints? Answer: The printing shop is suppose to ask for proof that they have permission to make copies, Staples called me when one of

Autumn Splendor Easy Acrylic Painting for Beginners Step by Step Part 1

FREE easy step by step Painting lessons with Allison Prior. Learn how to paint this beautiful Autumn Splendor landscape with easy techniques. In this lesson you will learn how to paint and blend a beautiful sky, Mountains, ocean water, beach, and colors to mix...what brushes to use and how to use them... Follow along and have fun learning...Part 2 June 19th..