How to paint "Pink Spring Tree's " Acrylic Country Landscape painting tu...

How to paint "Pink Spring Tree's " Acrylic Landscape painting tutorial step by step Learn how to start your painting, how to mix your paints, starting with a the sky then add the backround pink tree's, learn how to add contrast to your paintings to make them pop, and how to layer your colors for realism. We will paint a path full of shadows from the tree's, and shadows in the grass using a glaze..


rianne said…
being in a different part of the world we are having autumn, dark, rainy and cold (but never as bad as sometimes in the usa with heathwaves,hurricanes, floods and wildfire, thanks for the lessons you post on you tube, greetings from ria, amsterdam
Allison Prior said…
Hi Rianne, Thank you and it's nice to hear from Amsterdam, we have the same weather, but it's sunny out today..

Happy Painting!!

Allison Prior

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