How to Make "MAGIC MIST" for Acrylic Painting WET on WET technique..

#allisonpriorart How to make "Magic Mist", this IS magic for you Acrylic Painting, you will learn how to make your own magic mist, how to use it plus demonstrations on how to blend with Magic Mist, and what brushes are best to use.. Amazing for the Wet on Wet Techniques. You won't believe how beautiful your painting will turn out, how easy it is to blend the colors, how you can extend your drying time by 10 minutes or more for working with your acrylics, and how slick your paint will slide over your canvas, it will also save you paint because you don't need to use as much..


Wanda said…
Thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher. I have always wanted to be able to paint all my life. I never was able to paint until I found you. You make painting so easy. I am always so happy when I see your name in my e-mail.

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