How to Paint A Cute SNOWMAN and WOMAN with Acrylic Paint Lesson 1

If you would love to learn now to paint this cute snowman and woman, have a look at my Youtube video to help you along.

All you need is a Bristle Brush flat size 6 or 8 to get the textured snow on the snow people.

A Flat Synthetic brush or Fan brush is great for the snow on the ground,

A Filbert Synthetic or Sable brush is great for the backround, and under painting the snow people.

A liner brush is great for the twigs..

Use chaulk to draw your Snow people and hats..

I have  brushes I use in my paintings you can purchase for only $9.99 with Free Shipping to Canada and the US.. all you have to do is email me at to get the details and how to order..


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