Quick Tip: Ways to Sell your Art Faster without a Canvas..

Ideas on how to make money from your ART

                         If you can't sell your paintings on a canvas,

                    Here is a tip

Paint on a t- shirt, Pillows, Rocks, Plates, Old Windows, Mailboxes, Birdhouses, Glass, Wine Bottles, Mugs, Old chairs, Small Tables, Lamps, or Wood, anything that might sell.. 

Here are a few books I found on Amazon for you, just click the links to my Amazon..

If you're ready to start earning money for your artwork, then these books are for you!

Want to be a professional artist? "How To Sell Your Art" is an excellent guide on marketing your art and making money from your talent. It's packed with insider tips to help you succeed in the business of art. If you want to avoid the common mistakes many artists make, it's an invaluable resource. Learn the best methods for aproaching dealers or selling on your own. If you're a serious artist and want to turn your hobby into a profitable business this guide is for you.


Here is a link to 

Acrylic: Seasons: Learn to paint the colors of the seasons step by step

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Allison Prior said…
Here is the link to my Amazon shop incase it don't show up on my blog:

Roger said…
Love your teaching, love your work, thanks so much for your help!!!!!!

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